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These items are no longer available for sale, but represent examples of inventory previously sold by Sturgis Antiques.
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A Early 1900s 8 x 10 Death Grave Photo in Ornate Plaster Molded Frame

This grave scene, death photo is circa late 1800's to very early 1900's.
An amazing portrait of the family and the deceased at the grave [...]

Photographic Stamp Portraits 1889 Eastman College Pokeepsie New York by C H Gallup

Late 1800's stamp portraits of the faculty of Eastman College in Pokeepsie New York.
C. H. Gallup is the photographer.
The Stamp Portraits were a [...]

A Maryland Family Photo Album Circa Last Quarter of 1800s Kern Family

Every once and awhile I have run into family albums and most are early 1900's and are not very exciting. This album is from the [...]