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Welcome to The Special Collection Section devoted to a collection of Black Mountain Poets Books and Documents and adjacent writers.

Known as the Black Mountain Poets or Projective Poets, were a group of early 20th c. of American Avant-Garde Post Modernist poets. 
A part of the Black Mountain College in North Carolina, "Although it lasted only twenty-three years (1933–1956) and enrolled fewer than 1,200 students, Black Mountain College was one of the most fabled experimental institutions in art education and practice. It launched a remarkable number of the artists who spearheaded the avant-garde in the America of the 1960s. It boasted an extraordinary curriculum in the visual, literary, and performing arts as evidenced by some of the artists and teachers listed below."
This collection of original poetry books and documents comes from one collection. 

Sturgis Antiques proud to offer this once in a lifetime collection of this amazing and highly influential group of poets.

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