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Out Of Print : Rare & Unique : 1700s
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1748 Vol 2 Elements of Mathematics by John Muller Pub by J. Millan with Plates

Elements of Mathematics containing Geometry, Conic Sections, Trigonometry, Surveying, Leveling, Mensuration, Law of Motion, Mechanics, Projectiles, Hydrostatics, Hydraulics, Pneumatics and A Theory of Pumps by John Muller Professor of Artillery and Fortifications

published in 1748 by J. Millian with 13 fold out plates

5 raised band, Full Leather Binding with decorated and embossed spine. Appears to be the original binding.

Condition: binding is intact, slight discoloring on some pages and on the fold out plates. Edges are bumped and leather shows wear to the top and bottom to original binding
Size: 5" wide x 8" tall

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