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Art : Folk Art & Outsider Art : 1800s

1857 Oil Portrait of Man G. LaPesti Folk Art Colonial Painting Style

A mid 1800's portrait of a gentleman.
Signed on the right side of the canvas, G LaPesti
Signed in black oil, the varnish has cracked and is hard to get an exact translation.
Below the signature is " Sobro Magistrater", once again that is what I believe it to be due to the varnish.

The painting is of a man of means and money, done in almost a folk art portrait style. The Magistrate sits posed showing off his watch chain and gold ring.
The painting reminds me of the Nieve, folk art of the New England Area but the man is of Mediterranean descent and the painting can very likely be a Colonial portrait of either Spanish or Italian Colony artist.

Artist: G. LaPesti
Year: Circa 1857
Medium: oil on Canvas

Condition: the canvas has been relined, minor crazing to the ground.

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