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1893 Reward Postcard $100 for James McAtee Forgery Jail Break Morphine Addict Mugshot

1893 United States Issued Postcard Unused Reward Card with Rare Original Tipped on Albumen Photo Mugshot
$100 Reward issued by the Sheriff or Pike County Petersburg Indiana in 1893
James McAtee was charged with Forgery and jail break from Petersburg on February 28 1983.
The card has his height and weight and approx age and features with the added remarks of of Morphine habit and his "walks with one shoulder a little low"
As I stated most are printed images, this rarer Reward Postcard has a tipped on albumen photograph of the man, most likely a mugshot.

Size" 3 3/4 x 6 1/8 inches
Condition: the photo is intact and in good condition, the $100 has pen mark over the printing. The right side has some damage and the edges are bent and curled,

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