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Punk : 1970-Contemporary
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19 Images Bill Daniel Photo Collection Original Images Printed by the Artist Circa 1995 with Signed and Titled by Bill Daniel

Sturgis Antiques is very happy to have the opportunity to offer this collection of hand printed images from Bill Daniel
His photographs are not just a nascent photographer and documentarian of a new music scene (1980's), yes Bill was at all the important shows that would later be heard grumbled by people as “holy shit that show looked amazing” or “fuck I would love to have been there” slogans, his photographers are more than that and should not be dropped to just a snapshots or documents of a bygone time. His photographed are precise portals, portals of clarity, craftsmanship and visceral attitude and many of these are adjacent to music and scene that he shot. He was able to show the importance of an instance or in some cases the total moment of what it was like to be at the epicenter of times changing and new; the implosion and explosion of each band, space and "scene". 

I am very glad a local collection has saved these images, saved as they were done and handed off to them in the original photo box. Each photograph is signed on back and in some cases titled of who they are. I asked Bill to clarify some images and background and there was a fast and furious drop of names, places and what happened at that shows. The precise details of the shows are like his photos, images capturing a moment not of a time but a situational concept of people. 
Enough, on with the show!

From Bill Daniel:
“These prints were made in 1995 or '96 in my studio in Waxahachie, Texas. I had moved back to Texas from San Franciso. In downtown Waxahachie I found a couple of storefronts for rent around the corner from my friends Bruce and Julie Webb's Webb Gallery. Bruce and Julie were old punk friends from the early 80s Dallas punk scene, and in fact they appear in some of my photos. I rented two dilapadated storefronts for $250/month. For the first time in 9 years, I had a darkroom of my own. So I began going back through my old punk negatives and making prints for the first time in years. I remember making a hand-cut negative carrier to make the black borders on the prints. The prints from that time have a distinctive rough border. Not having much money for photo paper, I typicaly made just one or two prints. I always printed on fiber and was dilligent in fixing and washing prints.
Note, Bill no longer uses this hand cut negative carrier and the carrier used for these images are unique to these prints. 
When I started touring with my film hobo graffiti film,  Who is Bozo Texino? In 2005, I would occasionaly take a box of prints to sell at shows and to trade with the kind folks who hosted me on tour. Adam Stab (Adam's amazing art can be seen here, @therealadamstab )helped me set up a screening on one of those early tours. It was in a bar that had a graffiti crowd, Dego Dames. In thanks, I left this collection of prints with Adam.”

1.Black Flag with Henry Singing, 11/28/81, ALA Club, Austin neg# 51-2
(this image was used in a global in campaign for Vans!)

2.Black Flag with Henry Singing, 11/28/81, ALA Club, Austin neg# 51-8
(Both of these shots were taken during sound check)

3.Black Flag with Dez Singing, 3/6/81, Raul's Club, Austin, neg# 29-34
(I think this show was the first hard core slam dancing in Austin, not just pogoing.)

4.Henry Rollins tackling Mike Laird, Black Flag, 5/8/83, The Rita, Austin, neg# 105-10
(Mike appeared in the film Slacker as BURGLAR, and is an antiquarian book dealer in real life)

5.Juke Box at the Husker Du show, 1/19/83, Studio 29, Austin, neg# 243-41
(Jukebox, RIP, was co-founder and original guitatist for the Hickoids)

6.Lisa at the TSOL show, 3/9/83, Trax Disco, Dallas, neg# 271-33

7.Lisa and Dee Dee at the TSOL show, 3/9/83, Trax Disco, Dallas, neg# 271-35

8.Clay at the TSOL show, 3/9/83, Trax Disco, Dallas, neg# 271-23
(that's my brother Clay Daniel and his hand-lettered Minor Threat shirt)

9.Minor Threat, 3/26/83, Skyline Club, Austin, neg# 293-19
(Out of Step Tour. The Skyline was an old-school country and western dance hall where Hank Williams played his last public performance)

10.Jello and crowd, Dead Kennedys, 8/7/82, The Ritz, Austin, neg# 174-36
(Jello appeared to be having a lot of fun that night)

11.Jello throwing fake money, Dead Kennedys, 8/7/82, The Ritz, Austin, neg# 174-31

12.Nick Cave, The Birthday Party, 4/2/82, Hot Klub, Dallas neg# 298-32
(Terrifying performance in a near-empty club. “Half of the audience was Scratch Acid” said one attendee.)

13.Doyle, The Misfits, 1/29/82, The Ritz, Austin, neg# 262-39

14.Glenn, The Misfits, 1/29/82, The Ritz, Austin, neg# 264-24
(by all accounts, this was the loudest show anyone had ever experienced)

15.Big Boys and friends skating a garage in San Francisco, 9/82 neg# 130-17
(with Kevin Thatcher, Rick Blackhart, Kiwi, Cooksie, Street Scott and Beth Kerr)

16.At the TSOL, Wasted Youth, Crucifix show, 6/82, The Barn, LA, neg# 140-44

17.At the TSOL, Wasted Youth, Crucifix show, 6/82, The Barn, LA, neg# 140-41

18.TSOL, 6/82, The Barn, LA, neg# 140-30
(this was the biggest, wildest punk show I had been to. this was my first time in California)

19.At the DRI show, 2/26/84, The Twilight Room, Dallas, neg# 316-4

Size: Each photo is 8 x 10 inches
Condition: near perfect images with an occasional edge bump from storage. These images have not been out of the box since my client acquired them, circa 2006
Please see the images for details.

**these are original images and not reprints, no one can reproduce images from my site with out permission. Sturgis Antiques has the right to reproduce these images for web use only with sole permission from Bill Daniel, the Artist and owner of the original images**

If you have any questions or if you need additional images, please feel free to email me.

shipping cost is for US only, if you are an over seas buyers please email me your shipping address to get a shipping quote. 

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