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Advertising : Vintage
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1960's Advertising Vintage Benjamin Moore Die Cut Paint Can Tin Sign Turquoise Blue Color Paint

A wonderful vintage advertising tin sign for Benjamin Moore Paints, circa 1960's. The simple reproduced paint can with the bold color of the paint is an instant reminder of Warhol's pop art silkscreens of the every day objects, like the Cambell soup can. The 3 dimensional object redesigned for a 2 dimensional world showing the simplistic design of everyday objects. What makes the advertising piece stand out is obviously the color of the can but the top paint color. These colors of the 60's and early 70's were so joyful and eye-catching, and these colors stand out and define a time.
Sturgis Antiques has three of these wonderful printed metal advertising objects. I will be listing each one separately, so please follow me here.

Benjamin Moore Paints in 1925, a member of the Moore family designed the logo – an “M” inside a triangle – that still represents the business today.
The signs mount flush to the wall.

Adverting Paint, the paint color is a turquoise color

Size: approx. 25 1/2 wide x 35 inches tall
Condition: Some minor marks to the printing but the no fade to the colors. As you can see in the images, there are some abrasions in areas. Please sees the images provided for more details.

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