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1975 Sexplotation Film Fanne Foxe Posse From Heaven Movie Poster Mounted to Linen

Sexplotation Fanne Foxe Posse From Heaven Movie Poster mounted to linen

"Fanne Foxe (born Annabelle Battistella on February 14, 1936, in Nueve de Julio, Argentina) is a former stripper, best known for being involved in a 1974 sex scandal surrounding Arkansas Congressman Wilbur Mills, in what is reputed to be one of the most reported political sex scandals of the 1970s."
In The movie Fanne Foxe plays herself, capitalizing on her recent fame.
Year: 1975
Plot: Heavenly forces send a guardian angel to assist an ex-cavalryman named Appletime find love and meaning in life.

Size: 40 1/2 x 27 1/2 inches
Condition: Very good. The poster has been professionally mounted to lined and has been stored rolled. Please see the images for details.

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