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1991 SEALED Tool Demo Tape Also called 72826 From Steve and Nuit Hansgen Collection

SEALED Tool Demo Tape Also called 72826
Year: 1991

Condition: SEALED and never played. The case has a small crack on the front.

Nuit and Steve have been person friends of the band since the beginning and before. This is the original and from Maynard James Keenan the vocals for Tool.

"72826, also known as Toolshed or Tool,[1] is a demo tape by American rock band Tool. It was released in 1991 in very limited quantities of 1500. Originally passed out at gigs and for sale through the mail for a fee of $5, Tool were rumoured to have pressed these themselves. However, they were actually made in New Jersey by a company called Richman Brothers.
There has been speculation about the naming of the tape, with some noting that '72826' spells 'Satan' on a telephone keypad."

Sturgis Antique is proud to represent the collection of Steve and Nuit Hansgen.
Steve Hansgen was the bass player for Minor Threat
This and other pieces are from their personal archives

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