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Jewelry : 1900-1940s

32 Degree Masonic and Knights Templar Gold Watch Fob Circa 1910 12K Gold

Front is double headed eagle with 32 in the top triangle. "Spes Mea In Deo Est" The English translation of the wording "SPES MEA IN DEO EST" in the mark is "MY HOPE IS IN GOD".
The eagle flips up to reveal Scales inside the Templar Cross
The back of the fob has the Cross design with the all seeing eye, the compass at the bottom and the crossed swords behind the cross. The Left and right side have the pick and shovel on the left and right has the arch building. Insert is a flame.
Please see the images for details and a visual description.

Tested at 14K and and slightly faded but held strong at 12K gold, but the piece is unmarked.
The quality and detail of this fob is above others I have seen, strong details and the enamel work is requisite.

Size: approx 1 1/2" tall
Condition: Near perfect

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