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Historical Memorabilia : 1900-1940s
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36 Signed Photos of Stars of The Golden Age of Hollywod from 1942

Up for sale, a collection of Signed Photos of Hollywood Move Stars

Not just a collection of photos of the golden age of Hollywood but a this is the story of how a young girl passed her time while recovering from a very serious illness.
These photos were saved for decades after the woman passed away in the 1960’s at the very young age of 38.
The young woman was named Francis Baker and developed Rheumatic Fever and was admitted to ST. Gabriel in Maryland and was moved to the Convalescent Home for Girls. To pass the time Francis wrote to Hollywood stars in hopes of getting a reply and a photo. Needless to say, a young woman asking for a photo and and autograph and sometimes saying she was recovering from an illness pulled on a few of the star’s heart strings. Some of the photos are dedicated to her directly, as the case with Abbot and Costello “To Our pal Francis from your pals Abbot and Costello. 

Included in the collection are some saved replies, like Fred MacMurray card asking to send a reply saying she got the photo, that was dated May 1942. Another great card is from Jane Withers, a typed card and pen signed expressing wishes and good health on hearing that she (Francis) has been ill for so long on Feb 13th 1942. The Fred MacMurray card was dated May 11th 1942.

Here is a video of almost all the images available for sale.

The collection is 36 signed press photos, signed and some dedicated with notable photos and autographs of Ronald Reagan, Marlene Dietrich, Bob Hope, Mae West, Abbott and Costello (2 different photograph and signed), Rosalin Russel, An Sothern and so many more. 

Please watch the highlight of the photos available and view the photos here of ones that didnt make the video.

Please contact me if you are interest in the collection or if you need additional images or details. 

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