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Historical Memorabilia : 1900-1940s
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A Large 1916 Mexican Border Service Pennant Felt United States Vs. Pancho Villa Border Wars

In May of 1916 The United States, called 110,000 National Guard to secure the boarder against Pancho Villa and his Raiders. This has become known as the Boarder Wars and for a year, 1916-1917 Pancho Villa was hunted and wanted Dead or Alive.
This Hand Made Felt Pennant is made for this event. I am not sure which area of Texas this was made for but here are a few Texas sites and dates of Battles:
- May 5, 1916: Glenn Springs Texas. 3 US Soldiers & 1 Civilian killed; 8 US soldiers wounded. Mexican casualties are believed to be two killed and unknown number of wounded.
- June 15, 1916: San Ygnacio, Tex. 4 US soldiers killed and 5 wounded. 6 Mexicans killed
- July 31, 1916: Fort Hancock, Texas. 1 US Soldier and 1 Civilian Customs Inspector killed

The Pennant is in very good condition with some damage to the Flag, as you can see from the photos. A few months holes are present in areas, please see the photos for a visual detail.

Size: 56" Long

If you have any questions or if you need additional images, please feel free to contact me.

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