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A Maryland Family Photo Album Circa Last Quarter of 1800s Kern Family

Every once and awhile I have run into family albums and most are early 1900's and are not very exciting. This album is from the large estate in Port Deposit which I have been posting on the site.
This 17 page, approx. 34 photos is in a very nice leather tooled and metal hasp book of a Maryland area family. Most of the photos are taken by a Washington DC photographer named Rice and other photographers include Bishop, Merritt van Wagner, G. W. Davis, Kensington Art Studio, Bell, Atrim and other photographers.
Most of the family names are the "Kern" family and one very unique photo is of a man named Benjamin Miles who according to the photo was killed in Touson, Arizona in a duel, about 1857. According to a New York Times article:
"Mr. Benjamin H. Miles, brother of John Miles and Franklin Miles, of Rochester, was killed in a duel at Tueson, Arizona Territory, on the 27th of April last. The circumstances of the affair appear to be. that Edward Miles, a brother of the deceased, got into a difficulty with a man named Curry, and challenged him." and in 1857 article mentions that he is: "Santa Cruz — Benjamin H. Miles, (dem.)"
I have photographed every page to give you a visual description but if you have questions or need additional photos, please feel free to email me.

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