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Toys : Mid-century
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A Restored Coin Operated Amusement Ride

For anyone who has ever wanted to add a bit of excited to their family or take a trip back in time, this is the piece for you.
A restored Coin Operated Amusement Horse Ride. The coin box has been taken out and replaced with a On/ Off pull button switch.
The ride moves up and down and the bar knob is the speed control, which when turned fully on, moves quite fast and you will spill your drink.
The Horse has been repainted and the box and platform have been restored. The stirrups belt is not original but the stirrups are real. The estate's family have used this for his family for years and now that all his kids are grown he has no more use.
The Horse is approx. 46" long x 9" wide and the total height is approx. 56" high. The base is approx. 48" x 29".
Due to the wight and size of this item, this item can not be shipped. It will need to be delivered by freight or pick up only.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

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