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Medical & Oddities : 1800s
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Antique German Lancet Civil War Bloodletting Phlebotomy With Case

A New estate has proved to be an interesting collection of Antique Civil War Era Medical instruments. Included in this collection will be different types of Lancets as well as a fine example of a Civil War Amputation set.
This lancet is unmarked. The lever has more of a decorative work than the Wiegand & Snowden. These decorative ones are earlier and very often from Germany. The Doctor was a German Emigrant, so this could have come from a family member. The Doctor was a graduate from University of Maryland.

The case intact but worn.
Condition: the device is worn, the blade is chipped and shows sign of wear. The Case is worn but intact.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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