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Historical Memorabilia : Medical & Oddities : 1800s
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Antique Human Skull Masonic Display or Medical Skull Circa 1890's Dark Aged Varnish

From the same collector of Golden Dawn/ OTO books comes this great antique real presentation skull.
From a male, a fairly large male and the head is elongated and slightly misshaped . Please see the images for details and a visual description.

The skull is missing most of the teeth and the ones left appear to be held in place with a plaster, you can see white plaster where teeth were.
The skull has hole in the top, most likely this was a full skeleton at one point and that was where the rod went through.
The jaw is loose and is not held in place by a old tied rubber band. Please see images for details.

The skull has pencil marks above the eyes and also on the up lip area. Someone added those pencil marks to make a "mustache" and "eyebrows"

Size: 9 inches long x 7 inches tall.
Condition: fine with loose jaw, missing almost all the teeth. The skull has been coated with a dark aged varnish, this was used to seal the skull. Hole drilled on the top of the skull and the teeth cavity areas have remains of plaster.

If you have any questions or if you need additional images, please feel free to email me.
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