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Antique Toy Museum in Baltimore MD Anne Smith 35 Year Collection

A unique and rare collection to be sold in it's entirity.
This one of kind Museum has been the vision and work of Anne Smith for over 35 years. An established collector and dealer of antiques, Anne Smith opened this monumental collector to the public on May 11th 2002 in downtown Baltimore. The Museum has attracted press and visitors from around the country and Europe and has lived up to it's title as a "one of a kind Museum"
The collection dates from the very early 1800's to the 1950's with the majority of the items dating from the late 1800's. Anne has said that most of the items were purchased in New York, New England and New Jersey area with many of the items being hand made and one of a kind in same cases.

Located at 222 w. Read Street, Baltimore MD 21201, Anne has decided to sell the collection as a complete and untouched Museum. The sale of the collection will include the numerous display cases, many wired and built to house that particular piece or pieces and the contents. Her wish and desire is to have this collection passed on to someone or an institution to will continue to have the collection on display for generations to come.

Content of the collection includes manufacture pieces, over Forty antique Doll Houses with kitchens, shops, theaters and castles: a toy circus collection and thousands of miniatures and toys including puppets, Victorian Dolls with accessories, games, puzzles, books, paper dolls, toy stoves and all variety of toys relating to childhood.

We have over 300 photos of the collection to be reviewed.

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