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Punk : 1970-Contemporary
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Battalion of Saints w/ Dr. Know Stalag 13 1983 April 21st Hollywood CA. Steve Hansgen

Sturgis Antique is proud to represent the collection of Steve and Nuit Hansgen.
Steve Hansgen was the bass player for Minor Threat
This and other pieces are from their personal archives

Battalion of Saints with No Crisis Dr. Know and Don't Know Stalag 13
DR. Know Flyer #27
(Love Machine Creation)
Location: Cathay de Grande (1600 Argyle Avenue on the corner of Argyle Avenue and Selma Avenue in central Hollywood)
Year: April 21st, Thursday 1983

Size: 8 1/2 x 11 inches
Condition: VG with tape on the edges and slight wrinkle at the top, no tears Please see images for details.

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Battalion of Saints with No Crisis Dr. Know April 21 1983 Cathay de Grande
DR. Know Flyer #27

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