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1900-1940s : Mid-century
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Beasts Of The East One Shet Movie Poster Outrages of the Orient WWII Japanese Atrocities

Original title was "Outrages of the Orient"
Retitled added tag lines were done a few years later and retitled to Beasts Of The East

Year: 1948

"A docu-drama recreating the rape and plundering conducted by WWII Japanese troops against the Filipino people. A curious mixture of documentary and exploitation, with shots of Japanese soldiers ripping shirts off young women."
Size: One Sheet (27" X 41")
Condition: good with chipping and wrinkled paper on the left side. Minor tears at the edge in areas. Colors and graphics are in very good condition. This poster can be mounted to linen for proper preservation.

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Sturgis Antiques is not trying to offend hate or crime against any race or gender. Please note this is being sold as a historical movie poster and not spreading violence in any way.

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