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Bill Jones Lithograph Parker Holladay Motivational Propaganda 1927 Mini Posters Mather Company

Bill Jones Lithograph Poster Parker Holladay 1927 8 x 10 Motivational Propaganda

Who is Bill Jones?
Bill Jones Motivations MiniPosters, circa 1927 by the Parker Holladay Co. located in Chicago.
I have had different sizes, 5 x7 size, 2 x 3 sizes, and posters, as well as color and black and white lithographs, but I have never had a set like these. These larger, 8 x 10 are full color lithographs and were sold as a folio of 52.
Marked in the lower left: ” USA & Canada 1927 Parker Holladay Co. 100 E. Ohio St. Chicago Ill.”, these cards were created by a man named Charles Rosenfeld who was a sales man for The Mather Co. in Chicago.
From a recent Exhibition at the Rockwell Center: “Early in the 1920s Charles Mather, who worked for his family’s Chicago printing house, the Mather Company, took an idea brought to him by one of the firm’s salesmen, Charles Howard Rosenfeld.[iii] What Rosenfeld proposed was a series of posters whose focus was to give workers incentive to work better and to work harder. Mather called these prints, “Constructive Organization Posters.” These posters were made to be placed on office and factory walls and were expected to inspire workers to do their best. Mather sold his posters by subscription and produced more than 300 varieties between 1923 and 1929.”
This is not a full 52 week set, I will be selling these one at a time not as a group.

Some of the mini posters are printed on a thicker card stock and others are a thinner paper stock. I will specify which poster stock and image I am selling with each posting.
Most of the images are in very good condition but most have some wear to the edges and corners. All damage will be noted, but if you need additional images, please feel free to email me.

I have scanned the images, not photographed them, some of colors might be slightly enhanced from the scanning process.

Item: Tough Luck

Condition: VG, Top right corner has a small tear, does not effect the image (margin only), Lower right corner has very small chipping. Good strong vibrant colors

Stock: thick stock paper

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