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Circa 1880’s Lacrymatory Glass Tear Vial Victorian Tear Catcher Jar Late 19th C. No Stopper

Lacrymatory Glass Tear Vial Victorian Tear Jar, circa Late 19th C.

Lacrymatory also spelled lachrymatory, are tear collectors used in funeral and love loss practices. The Victorians revived this ancient practice, the revival periods in the 1800’s let to many revival of many past practices brought on by the archeology craze in the 19th c. Many people will know of the Egyptian Revival of the 1920’s which was given a new popularity from the recently discovered tomb of Tutankhamun or King Tut.

The practice of collecting ones tears date back to the Greek and Roman age where tears would be collected and saved in a vessel and placed in the tomb of a recently departed person.

So these late 1800’s, Victorian era glass jars took up the practice of Lacrymatory.
Many of this era are cut glass cut and hand decorated.

This Tear Vial, Lacrymatory jar is a heavy glass and is decorated in a gold paint, Missing the stopper.

Size: 5 1/2 inches long
Condition: Please see images for a visual description.

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