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Art : 1800s
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Circa 1880's Oil on Canvas of Religious Man Penitent Downward Gaze

Circa 1880's Oil on Canvas of Religious Man

The canvas is stretched and is stamped on the back, I am unable to read the maker of the canvas but a 10 JY 81 is visible with a black light.
The subject is a bearded man with a downward gaze, Reuben's did this in many of his paintings, showing a emotional penitent before God.
The painting has a strong black ground, "Black forces you to apply thick (or many) layers of paint and it can help create deep, brooding shadows. It allows you to easily cover underlying colours. A thick primer reduces the number of layers needed to cover a intensely coloured surface…"
As you can see the black ground frames the face of the man.

Year: Circa 1880's

Size: 14 1/4 inches x 18 inches

Condition: Fine, the painting has been recently cleaned and new varnish. Please see the images for details.

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