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Antique Accessories : Folk Art & Outsider Art : 1900-1940s

Circa 1900 Carved Wooden Carousel Horse Head Old Circus Carnival

Circa 1900 Carved Wood Carousel Horse Head
The head is folk art, most of the smaller carousels were folk carved and detailed. This one has so much character and life in it.
There are areas of paint, the ears are replaced and as you can see slightly not proper but do not take away from this piece.
I have taken as many photos as possible but please let me know if you need more.

Location: Unknown
Year: Circa 1900
Material: wood and paint

Size: 21 1/2" long x 19" high
Condition: Worn paint, ears have been replaced and age due to being outside and use. The head is separating but not cracked and the head is stable. Please see the images provided for a visual description and details.

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