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Antique Accessories : Jewelry : 1900-1940s
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Circa 1900 Horse Carriage Clock in Rein Holder Leather Case Watching Working 3 1/8" Wide Watch

Circa 1900 Horse Carriage Clock in Leather Rein Holder Case
The Watch is extra wide, approx 3 1/8 inches wide
These were latched inside a horse drawn carriage:
"Carriage Clocks around 1900
In the nineteenth century, a clock continued to be part of the luxurious interior of a closed carriage. At this time, open carriage were also equipped with them. Another innovation was the use of clocks mounted on the stemming board in special protective housing or on the spray leather so the self-driving whips* and sports ladies could easily read the time."
The Leather Case would clip to the dashboard and used for the rein holder.

The Watch is a Swiss made large pocket watch, approx 3 1/8 in diam.
The watch case is a nickle case, not marked with a maker, a serial number and swiss and inside is not marked with the jewel or the maker but it is still running.

Size: case is approx. 7 x 4 1/2 and the watch is 3 1/8 inch diam.
Condition: the leather case is used but in very good condition minus the leather strap the latches the case is worn and broken, please see images for a visual description.

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