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Art : 1900-1940s
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Circa 1930's Pen and Ink of Baltimore Street Scene Signed Harry Zee Hoffman WPA Era Artist

A dark and stirring pen and ink by Harry (Zee) Hoffman of a alley street with people lounging on the corner. You can see a woman yelling at a man leaning against a wall while two older man lean on the light pole. In the back you can see the typical "drunk man" pose, a man leaning on a light pole with one leg up.
The pen and ink and wash is controlled and finely executed with a quickness and precision.
Signed on the lower right
"Harry Hoffman"

Harry Zee Hoffman (1908 - 1990), most biographies define him as a portrait, street scene and parks.
Most of Hoffman's scenes are from his time in Maryland.
According to his bio, Studied at University of Maryland 1929 and Maryland Institute of Fine Art, 1937 and also Pratt Institute, 1947
He studies under Robert Brackman (1930-40) and Aldro T. Hibbard (1940)

Size: framed 17 x 19 inches
mat window is 9 1/2 x 11 3/4 inches
** the piece is archival framed and sealed in the back. The Photos were taken with the glass on, so any marks are from reflections from being photographed**
Condition: near perfect with no visible damage or marks. The piece is professionally framed. Please see the images provided for a visual description.

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