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Military Memorabilia & Art : 1800s
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Civil War Albumin Photograph In Period Frame Soldier with Sword Pose Confederate Rebel

Albumin photo of a civil war Rebel Soldier, Confederate, posed with a sabre in his hand, a pocket journal on the left and a long object in his right jacket pocket.
Period wood frame with applied textured grit, Sandy Finish, similar to daguerreotype mats of the period.
The mat is a Passe-Partout style arch top. Please note some damage to the edges, top and bottom of the mat. Please see the images for a visual detail.
The photograph was taken under the glass, all distortion is in the glass not the image.

Frame- 11" x 13"
Image- 7 3/4" x 10"

Condition: some damage to the mat. I have not taken the image out of the frame.

If you have any questions or need additional images please feel free to contact me.

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