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Advertising : 1900-1940s
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Doan's Kidney Pill Advertising Figural Thermometer Lithograph on Wood

Doan's Kidney Pills
Is Your Back Bad Today? Backache is Usually Kidney-Ache and Makes You Dull Nervous and Tired For Weak Kidneys Use the Remedy Recommended by Your Neighbors and by 40,000 Published Testimonials Doan's Kidney Pills Sold Here 50¢, rectangular wood thermometer, figual cut-out image of a well-dressed gentleman with in pain with a back-ache rendered in black and white, 21" high x 5" wide, complete with two mounting holes.

Condition: Some wear to the lithograph, Note, flash has discolored the top section of the man bent over. Some damage to the edges, please see the images.

Size: 5" x 21"

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