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Arts and Crafts : 1900-1940s
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Early 1900's Arts and Crafts Printed Textile Panel

A rare textile artifact from the Arts and Craft era, circa early 1900's. This near perfect example of the precision and elegant craftsmanship that has not lost any of it's original luster and brilliance.

"Printing was the technique favored by late nineteenth-century textile artists due to the ease of translating a concept to a finished product. As mechanical printing techniques continued to improve, the range of fabrics that could be successfully printed increased, and textured fabrics such as cotton velveteen became popular furnishing fabric in the later decades of the century. The work of William Morris and other English designers of the Arts and Crafts era was particularly important to the development of the Art Nouveau
style, which spanned the passage of the nineteenth century to the twentieth."

During this era of Industrial expansion, the Arts and Crafts movement broke with mass production and went back to time of hand made care and beauty with every piece produced. Many well know makers like Stickley, Roycroft, Limbert and others used hand tools and a processes to show this intentional hand made technique and the movement was an aesthetic as well as a philosophy.
Here is a wonderful example, a printed raw cotton arts and crafts design wall tapestry or panel. The piece has not had much exposure to sun or other damaging elements. There are a few small areas of thread snags but this does not alter or effect the visual beauty.
The panel is had stitched on the sides and the top is folded to allow a wood rod to hang the panel.
Size is approx. 60" x 34"
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