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Early 1900's Memento Mori Carved Chair Back Skull and Snake Teak Wood

Can you image a set of these chairs or the whole chair? Luckily the back has survived and I am more than happy to have it come to me.
This is coming from an estate with early Occult Documents, like signed Aleister Crowley and other Golden Dawn items. Please stay tuned for those but in the meantime this piece is available.

The piece is carved with a Date of 1921 on the plaque on the center with U and B pre and post ceding the date. Please see images for details.
I have not seen the use of U and B with dates before.
The wood is a carved teak with the details of the skull, snake and flowers throughout the chair back.

The back as you can see shows signs of use and wear, the hand hole shows very nice age wear. It is also great to imagine putting your hand through the back and to see your hand come out the skull's mouth.


Condition: fine with minimal wear to the carving. Note the chair back has been broken off the chair. Please see the images for details of the quality and details of this piece

If you have any question or if you need additional images, please feel free to email me.

The shipping cost is for the US market only, if you are an over seas buyer please email me your shipping address to get a shipping quote.

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