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Art : Folk Art & Outsider Art : 1900-1940s
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Early 20th C. Ex Voto Painting on Metal Being Healed by Virgin Mary and Jesus 1913 Signed


Early 20th Century Ex Voto painting on metal a woman giving thanks to Virgin Mary and Jesus with her husband for being healed of her illness.

Saying: “Mi Esposo y yo le demos las gracias a la virgen de Guadalupe y al Nino Jesus por sanarme de mi Enfermedad"

Translation: “My Husband I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe and the Child Jesus for healing me of my Illness”
Dated: 1913
Signed by : Fam. Lopez
Region: Salamanca Mexico

Size: approx. 12 x 12
Condition: Fine with minor paint loss, edges are worn and bent and some soiling. Please see the images for details.

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