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Antique Accessories : 1900-1940s
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Edouard Ernie 4 Piece Set Antique Vermeil Circa 1882

Edouard Ernie, started in circa 1882 in Paris and was noted for high detail work and his Renaissance style pieces show this.
Each piece has a Roman god Bacchus in fine detail. The filigree work is typical of the high French aesthetic style of the late 1800's.
The pieces have some ware but are in very fine condition.
Initials are on each piece.
The set includes:
Berry Spoon
Olive Fork
Serving Spoon.

Hall Marks:
The tong is marked with the .800 Minerva
The Berry Spoon is marked with the makers mark, the Edouard Ernie mark is the diamond cartouche with EE.
The Photos do show the marks but the marks are very small.
If you need more photos, please feel free to contact me.

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