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Ernst Heinrich Haeckel Siphonophorae Staatsquallen Tafel 77 Circa 1900 with German Text

Ernst Heinrich Haeckel German lithograph page of Siphonophorae- Staatsquaffen (siphonophores or Jellyfish)

Siphonophorae are an order of the hydrozoans, a class of marine animals belonging to the phylum Cnidaria.

From Kunstformen der Natur (Artistic Forms of Nature)
Tafel 77- Bassia

Year: Circa 1900
Printed in German with original German Text page included.
Size: 10 1/2" x 14"
Condition: fine with crisp images and the page is in very good condition with no marks. The back is hinged with masking tape, please see the images provided.

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