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Folk Art & Outsider Art : 1800s
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Folk Art Small Water Color Portrait Bust of Woman in Blue Dress 19th Century Vernacular Art

A nice small collection of water colors will be coming to the site from a client. Sadly the estate does not have the original information of purchase, these were passed to her. They have all be reframed with professional care and sealed. Any information that was on the back of the paper will be noted.

A small bust portrait of a woman in blue dress. Hair pulled back and stylized like she is late 1800 to early 1900's.
Original Walnut large profile frame.

Size: 5 1/4 x 6 1/2 frame
3 x 4 1/4 image

Condition: some foxing to the paper, image and pigment are in VG condition.

Any questions or if you need additional images, please feel free to email me.

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