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Limited : Out Of Print : 1900-1940s
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Franz Von Bayros Zwolf Ausgewahlte Ex Libris Pub by Vienna Artur Wolf Verleg Folio 12 Plates 124/500

The Marquis Franz Von Bayros (1866-1924), the Austrian artist, painter and illustrator

In 1904, Bayros gave his first exhibition in Munich, which was a great success. From 1904 until 1908, Bayros traveled to Paris and Italy for his studies. Returning Vienna, he felt himself a stranger. The outbreak of the First World War was yet another setback for Bayros. The artist died on April 2, 1924 from a cerebral hemorrhage.

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Title: Franz Von Bayros Zwolf Ausgewahlte Ex Libris.
Published Vienna Artur Wolf Verleg
Year: circa 1920
Description: 12 Plates printed on Velin Finish Paper and mounted to card. Presented in Folio case and numbered out 124/500

Condition: Wear to the folio and slight fade to the endboards.

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