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Jewelry : Mid-century
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Gerald Mitchell Navajo Pendant Brooch Sterling Silver and Turquoise Signed GM Stamp Circa 1960's

Gerald Mitchell Navajo Pendant Brooch with Turquoise
(From the same estate and owner as the Zuni Petit point cuff)

The large teardrop shaped pendant brooch has one of the nicest piece of Turquoise I have seen in awhile and the size of the stone is amazing. The matrix of the Turquoise is a dark vein with a bright color, just a great looking piece.
The silver is hand stamp design and the small dentals hold the large stone in place.
The back of the piece is stamped signed "GM Sterling"

Size: 3" tall x 2" tall stone
Weight: 1.03 oz
Condition: Near perfect with no silver breaks, the stone is near perfect. Please see the photos for a visual description.

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