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Jimmy Harrington Memories Of An Hotel Man 1935 The Art Guild Press 1st Ed Tijuana Bible

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96 black and white pages featuring text story and 44 well-drawn full page and half-page cartoons by Jimmy Harrington, relating erotic tales of his days in the hotel business. Text and art is explicit including scenes of homosexuality and bestiality. Well-drawn art includes page with couple sexually involved while picture on the wall with Popeye says “Blow Me Down” as he walks along with wheelbarrow. Just below Popeye image is an erotic lamp of Moon Mullins. Last two pages have explicit photos in black and white.

Printed by The Art-Guild Press in 1935, title page has $25.00 price. Thick Yellow (ish) paper cover

Size: 6.25x9-3/8”
Condition: Very Fine with minor paper split on the spine at the top. Slight bend to the cover from some use but in remarkable great condition for age. The cover image is in very fine condition

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