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1st Edition : Out Of Print : 1800s
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Les Difformes et les Malades Dans L'Art by J. M. Charcot and Paul Richer 1889 1st Ed.

Title: Les Difformes et les Malades Dans L'Art (The Deformed and the Sick In The Art
By: J. M. Charcot (de L'Institut) and Paul Richer
Date: 1889
Published by: Lecrosnier et Babe, Libraires Editeurs; Place d L'Ecole de Medecine
1st edition
Paper end boards. fully illustrated with art examples and etchings.
Text is French with 162 pages

Condition: No spine, the pages are loose but the all intact.
Paper end boards are chipped and some soiling, both front and back. Please see images for details.

Size: 12.874" x 9.88" (327 x 251 mm)

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