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Mari Simmulson Design Vase for Upsala Ekeby Scandinavian Mid Century Design

Scandinavian company Upsala Ekeby had many amazing and some of the top designers and artist working for them. One of the their top designers was Mari Simmulson.
Mari Simmulson was a Swedish artist working for Upsala Ekeby from 1950-1960.
A brief Bio:
In 1948 she was employed by Upsala-Ekeby where she became one of their leading ceramists. Her work is characteristic for generous decor of flowers, pedals and faces such as her "Agave", "Arnica", "Beata" and "Star" -series.

Here is wonderful incised design vase.
Signed on the bottom with her initials and the Upsala Ekeby mark with model number, 4274.
Size: 12 1/2" high x 3" diam.
Condition: Very good with no signs of chips or repairs.

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