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Mathew Sellers Mansion Photographed 1870's Press Photo Reprint 1955

The archives of old newspaper houses were once filled with files of photos from the men and women who contributed to the paper’s visual. The photographers went out and documented for whatever reason was given to them but as history moved on, the cities have changed leaving memories and the images in these file cabinet as one of the few documents of what a city did and looked like. The Sun, once a Baltimore institution has moved on, now defunct and their archives, some digitized and a lot of disposed of several years ago.
Sturgis Antiques is happy to have met a person who for years found and bought images direct from the archives when it was being liquidated.

I will be posting several original photos, some altered and masked for production of print and some images are old copies of long and lost images of 1800’s Baltimore.

Title: Mathew Sellers Mansion photographed 1870's
a reprinted photo from 1955 of a 1870's photo.

Stamped on the back with Jan 23 1955. Typed is the 802 N. Arlington Ave. address in Baltimore and stating as the mansion looked in 1870's.

Size: 8 x 10

Condition: Fine with some wrinkles from years in a file cabinet. Image is crisp and sharp.

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