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Punk : 1970-Contemporary

MDC 7 Seconds The Dicks Voodoo Lounge Reno NV Steve Hansgen Minor Threat Tour

Sturgis Antique is proud to represent the collection of Steve and Nuit Hansgen.
Steve Hansgen was the bass player for Minor Threat
This and other pieces are from their personal archives

The flyer was from the Minor Threat Out of Step Tour. Steve picked this one up along the way.
As you can see, a few days after this show will be the Minor Threat show on April 8th (1983)
The flyer is presented by United Front and Space Theater. The show was MDC ( San Francisco at this point), 7 Seconds (Reno heroes), The Dicks (Texas at this point, later moving to San Fran) Jackshit and The Scissors from Vancouver Canada.

Date: March 20th
Location: Voodoo Lounge, 120 Hubbard Way, Reno, NV
Year: 1983

Size: 8 x 10
Condition: near perfect, has been folded. Please see images for details.

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