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Advertising : 1800s
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Mishler’s Herb Bitters Advertising Wall Clock Circa 1890 Purifies The Blood Improves The Appetite

Mishler's Herb Bitters Wall clock circa 1890's

‘Mishler’s Herb Bitters / Purifies The Blood / Improves The Appetite / Sold Here’

Labeled inside with partial Baird Clock Co. Plattsburgh, New York
Year: ca. 1890 – 1895

Wood construction with paper clock face, this is not the original face, glass window appears to be original.
Attached pendulum but is slightly bent. The clock will move but the will not stay running.
The Clock will need to be cleaned and adjusted when purchased, the clock is sold as is.

Size: approx. 30” High

Condition: the outside case has been redone and is not the original lettering. The clock has had a varnish and is not the original finish. Partial label inside.

Please see images attached to get a visual description. If you need special images of the clock for further investigation, please contact me before purchase.

If you have any questions or if you need additional images, please feel free to email me.

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