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1st Edition : Modern
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Near Perfect Typographica by Rick Poynor Hardback with Dust Jacket First Edition 2002

Title: Typographica
By Rick Poynor
Published By: Princeton Architectural Press
Year: 2002
Stated First Edition this amazing near perfect hardback with Dust Jacket is history and overview of the British magazine, Typographica.
The magazine was the creative power of Herbert Spencer
..."an English graphic designer and author who was the editor of an influential postwar review of typography and the visual arts and who played a vital role in introducing experimental typography to commercial art"

The book gives details in full color of highlights of the creativity the magazine had on the evolution and rise of modern typography, a great and amazing book.

Condition: Neat Perfect, tight binding and no marks on the inside or outside of the book. The Dust Jacket is near perfect and is protective by a mylar cover. Please see the images provided for more details.

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