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Original and Rare Polaroid Titled Mona Lisa Circa 1950s Attributed to Weegee From the Estate of Weegee and Wilma Wilcox

Weegee Polaroids from private collection. 
The Polaroids, along with the other items of Weegee available on my site, are from the house Weegee and his partner Wilma Wilcox lived in till the time of Weegee’s death in 1968 and Wilcox’s dearth in 1993.  
The Polaroids were discovered along with other artifacts of the photographer Weegee, the  polaroid’s are original with stamps and the back is hand titled. 
My client bought the house after Wilcox died and bought it from the estate of Wilma Wilcox, the house was untouched and left with many items.

Title: Mona Lisa 
This series he did with many iterations. In the collection of Weegee items I have for sale, are many textured glass pieces. The image of the Mona Lisa was projected through the distortion of glass. Please the post with the poster and the camera boxes from the Weegee estate to see the type of glass he used. 

Original Polaroid by Weegee with Title on back in Pencil. Polaroid Stock number 8A4633. Top left has 42 and number 6 on top right. 

Discovered in the house was a multitude of textured glass and it was during the 50’s and 60’s that Weegee started to explore effected images, shining light through glass, projecting through the glass. In this image, titled Flying Missile, titled on the back, attributed to Weegee

Condition: Water marks on the front plastic that was covering the photo. The image emulsion is torn but attached. The polaroid will need conservation to preserve the photo. I have not altered or cleaned the polaroid, this image has been stored since my client discovered the photo in the mid 1990’s. Please see the images for more details 

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Mona Lisa 1.jpeg
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