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Original Art Flesh Eating Mothers 1988 Horror Gore Movie From Archives of Tricia Zimic

Flesh Eating Mothers 1988 (Academy Entertainment Film)  
Not a Troma film, produced by Academy Entertainment Film, this Troma like film is equal in over the top gore of suburban housewives turn into vicious cannibals after committing adultery with the neighborhood womanizer. 

Tricia Zimic Artist bio: 
“Tricia Zimic has been creating professional illustrations since 1984. She attended Parson School of Design for illustration where she studied with such masters as Maurice Sendak and Murray Tinkelman.
Tricia has worked as a young adult/children’s illustrator for Simon and Schuster, Tor/Macmillan, Viking Penguin, Scholastic Books, Berkley Books, Avon, Random House/Bantam Books, Dutton Books, Publications International Ltd., Troma Film Productions and Disney Films”

Sturgis Antiques is proud to partner with the artist and sell her amazing archive of the original art she did for Troma and other Horror movies. 
Each piece will have a signed letter stating that the piece is from her personal archive.
It is with great honor that I present you with 

Flesh Eating Mothers 1988
Medium: Oil on board 

"A decidedly absurd and tongue-in-cheek mix of zombie film and Cronenberg-esque body horror, James Martin's direct-to-video 80s cult classic, FLESH-EATING MOTHERS offers a non-stop barrage of over-the-top splatter, courtesy of special effects wizard Carl Sorensen (Child's Play, Tremors), and pitch black humor."

Please contact me if you have any questions or need additional images. 

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