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Original Vintage Press Photo Drag Queens Les Girls African American Circa 1960's James Kriegsmann

Les Girls Press Photo Drag Queens
Year: Circa 1960's

There was another Les Girls.."long-running Sydney-based male revue Les Girls (pronounced lay-girls) cabaret show, which had an international following (including being attended by numerous celebrities) and started in 1962 in Sydney's Kings Cross. Carlotta performed spot-numbers as a singer and comedian, and eventually became the show's compere and lead attraction."
The "les Girls" in Sydney was lead by Carlotta (born Richard Lawrence Byron; 2 September 1943), the stage name of Carol Spencer.

This Press Photo is African American Drag queens and is very likely inspired do the famous Sydney Drag Queen revue.
The troupe was photographed by James Kriegsmann.."James J. Kriegsmann (1 January 1909 – 29 April 1994) was a celebrity and theatrical photographer who worked from 1929 to the early 1960s."

Size: 8 x 10 inches
Condition: Very good with minor edge bumps from being stored.

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