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Orignal 1974 Signed and Dated Rosalind Fox Solomon Artist Print American Photographer

Rosalind Fox Solomon (born 1930) is an American photographer based in New York City
In 1971, she began intermittent studies with Lisette Model during visits to New York City. By 1974 she was using a medium format camera. Dolls, children, and manikins were some of her first subjects, along with portraits and rituals.[6] She works with black and white film exclusively.

Her art is one of lonesome and the lonesome story each and every person has to tell.

Year: 1974
Artist: Rosalind Solomon
Subject: a kitchen still-life of shelf with copper pots and utensils on the wall. The flash lights up the round plate on the wall.

Attribute: Artist print, signed on the back and dated.
Printed on photo paper

Size: 7 16/16th x 10
Condition: Near perfect, the photo has been stored in a light tight box for over 30 years. The

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