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Antique Accessories : 1800s
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Pair of Late 1800s 10 inch Tall Cloisonne Vases with Butterflies

This piece and other that I will mark in the descriptions are all coming from a Magnificent estate near Havre de Grace. If you have any question or wish to see more from this large estate please contact me.

The estate bought this pair of late 1800's 10" Tall Japanese Cloisonne vases in Japan right after WWII. The owner has supplied us with a note of purchase to place with the vases.
The match pair of vases that have stylized butterflies and Lotus flower motif, above and below the center cloisonne is styled motif design. Each vase is approx. 10" tall and are in remarkable condition. There is rubber glue on the bottom that was used to keep the vases stationary and to prevent them for falling off a shelf.
The note is a copy of the original note of the owner who has in WWII and was stationed in Japan in 1946.
If you have any questions or need additional images, please feel free to contact me.

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