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Art : Mid-century
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Paul Emile Becat Etching of Priest Binding A Nude Woman with Remarque Of Nude Whipping Priest 1950s

Paul Emile Becat Etching with remarque on the bottom of the image of another erotic image
These dry point etchings were prints done after Paul Emile Becat with a sepia tone ink.
The paper is a thin, Japanese style paper.

Image Theme:
A very sensual image by Paul Emile Becat, a nude woman bound hands and the priest (his hat and bible below the sofa) his pants dropped to prepare to copulate. Since this is erotica I had to use a classier word like copulate.
The remarque is a nude woman, whipping the priest as he prays and holds his prayer beads. Perhaps it is a glimpse to what will come.
The Remarque is touch that Paul E. Becat did, most of his pieces are unsigned, it was a way to identify his art.

The image is printed in a Sepia color, a reddish brown color.

Year: Circa 1940-1950’s

Size: 5 5/8 x 7 1/2 inches

Condition: Near Perfect with no signs of damage. No tears or writing on the page. Please see the images for details.

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