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Photographic Stamp Portraits 1889 Eastman College Pokeepsie New York by C H Gallup

Late 1800's stamp portraits of the faculty of Eastman College in Pokeepsie New York.
C. H. Gallup is the photographer.
The Stamp Portraits were a small fad during the 1800's and not a lot of survived.
This group is from a scrap book of a student of the University. I have not taken the book apart, this is how I have received this item.
Each portrait has the sitters name on the bottom section of the portrait. The page is beautifully decorated and labeled with the each person's job at the college. I am sad to say that two of the portraits have not survived. You can see two blank areas on the left page.
The estate has framed the page and I can ship it with or without the glass frame.
Please let me know before you purchase to adjust the shipping cost.
If you have any questions or need additional photos, please feel free to contact me.

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