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Precode Horror Comic Adventures Into The Unknown No. 39 Horror January 1953 Cover by Ken Bald Published by ACG

** Same Estate**

Title: Adventures Into The Unknown No. 39
Year: January 1953
Published By: ACG or American Comics Group

Cover Art
Pencil: Ken Bald
Ink: Ken Bald

"Cover art by Ken Bald. 50 Cowboys & Indians; 41 Circus Toys ad. Tale of Terror, art by Lin Streeter; Satan himself sells a story to a comic book editor and demons threaten the creative staff until the printing plates are destroyed, and the demons along with them. Behind The Door! text story. Apollo's Fatal Gloves, pencils by Al Camy, inks by George Wilhelms; Glen Sanders finds a pair of magic gloves but they are stolen by someone who uses them to murder, until Apollo creates a second pair so Glen can defeat the murderer. House ad for Skeleton Hand comic. The Ghostly Flag-Raising--Uncanny Mysteries. The Hungry Horde, art by Jon Blummer; After a theft of a large amount of blood plasma, Mark and Martha are called to investigate; They discover the Master Vampire using the plasma to create an army but destroy the army and the Master. The Skeleton's Secret!, pencils by Charles Nicholas. The Evil Eye, art by King Ward. 36 pgs."

Condition: Tape on the right side of the front cover with chipping in areas. The cover is slight soiling. Stapes are intact but showing pull marks and wear to the spine edge. Page Before the story “The Hungry Horde” has a tear at the top. Please see the images provided for details. Back Cover has soiling and cover separation at the top of cover edge and some chipping on the left edge. Please see the images provided for details of the condition. I am happy to send more images upon request.

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